10. You have to spend $1500 to come here. Not True!!

Although many of our clients do spend that much and more.We also have clients that spend less. Plan on at least $600, you
are going to love your portraits! You probably won't get by spending $400, but you don't have to spend $1500 either.


9. You need to be a size 4 to come to Marci Ralph Photography. Not True!!

Marci has a talent for making everyone look their best. If you are concerned about your size
we can bring out other good features like beautiful eyes or hair and hide anything you are uncomfortable with.

8. I have to buy pictures from who my school tells me to. Not True!

You may have to get your yearbook shot done there. But come here for all your real senior portraits.. the one that shows the fun, original , stylin’......you!
Many schools get a kickback from the "school" photographer, so they would like you to go there. But the school can NOT tell you who you have to buy from. Buy your portraits from whomever you choose.


7. Some of your posing looks kind of sexy, do I have to do that?

No, just be who you are. Some people are conservative, some are fun, some want to look like super models. We just want you to look like the
very best, you! NO! Just be you! We judge a lot by the clothing you bring. We want you to look your best, but at the same time, be comfortable and who you are.


6. We charge extra for everything. Not True!

Most studios do charge for everything little thing like special effects, retouching and a little extra time.
Not here! We won't nickel and dime you with extra fees like most studios.


5. We are expensive. Not true!

Our prices are right in line that most custom portraiture studios in the greater Indianapolis area. If you compare the price of an 8x10, or the price of a set of wallets,
you will find that our prices are in line with other studios. Our session fees are slightly higher because we spend more time with you. What does often happen is that our clients love our portraits and want to buy them ALL!


4. It takes months to get an appointment.

More popular times do book further ahead.. like summer and fall. Senior sessions are booked March-November. We suggest
booking at least 3-6 weeks in advance. Although the more popular times book further ahead, you might be able to get in reasonably quick.


3. All Marci Ralph portraits look the same. No Way!

We work on location as well as in our custom designed outdoor studio where the sets are unique and original. No one else has sets
like we do! We have dozens of looks in our outdoor studio and do tons of location shoots. We don't want them to look the same any more than you do.


2. You won’t have fun! Soooooo ......Not true!

Marci is very laid back and you will have a blast. Everyone does!


1. Marci Ralph Photography can make anyone look good!

okay okay....
You got us on that one!



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